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Q:How long does it take to heal?

A:You'll be able to wear your new brows back to brunch! In the first 7 days, you'll need to avoid getting them wet, working out or wearing brow makeup. Read more on Aftercare here. It takes about 30 days to completely heal, in which time you may experience mild scabbing. 

Q:What is after care?

A:Stay out of the sun and water while your microblading heals. Avoid chlorine, exfoliation creams, and sun exposure; they may cause your color to fade. We recommend applying a small amount of ointment twice a day. 

Q:When should I get a touch- up?

A: A touch up should be booked  6-8 weeks from your initial session. 

Q:Can I get permanent  makeup if I get botox?

A: Yes. We ask that you do it two weeks prior to service or two weeks after service.

Q: Does it hurt?

A:Most clients report little or no pain! We use a topical anesthetic before the procedure to numb the affected area.

Q: How long is the appointment?

A:It usually takes 2 hours, with most of the time spent going over colors and drawing eyebrow shapes. The microblading portion lasts 30-45 minutes.

Q: Can I have caffeine before my appointment?

A: Avoid caffeine for 12 hours before your procedure. ( Caffeine increases blood flow and will effect your healed results)


A 48 hour cancellation notice is required to cancel an appointment. If you fail to cancel your appointment within the 48 hours, you will forfeit your deposit. No exceptions. An additional deposit will be required to make a new appointment reservation. If 2 appointments are missed or canceled, payment in full for services scheduled will be due prior to the scheduled date.